Revolutionizing the world of Online Martial Arts classes

Is it possible to become a great martial artist and learn to defend myself online?That question comes up amongst sensei’s from all walks. The old school of thought says NO but with technology and the ability to interact using apps and web sites, being able to learn virtually anywhere, any skill- is attainable, with the right mindset.

Online Class

The "Hurricane" Approach to Online Classes

In today’s hyper germophobic society many people just don’t get out like they use to…but they want to train, be better able to defend themselves, and enjoy the benefits of martial arts training. March of 2020, the global pandemic changed our lives forever. Seeing our country take a beating from an invisible enemy and watch as thousands got sick and many passed was hard, and it’s not over yet…but out of that bore a necessity of teaching people real skills through a digital platform.

Here at Hurricane Martial Arts Center, we stepped up and are now offering our students options.

Our students can now have an option of training in person at the dojo, training completely online, or a hybrid of both. This way, they never miss a class!  If they do, it’s no problem at all. A class review link is sent right to their inbox so they can review the missed class at their own leisure, making sure the student comes first-ALWAYS!

One on One Training!

Not only can you train with a 7th Degree Black Belt, Two Time World Kickboxing Champion, whose studied under the late, great JOE LEWIS, the greatest kicker in history, BILL “SUPERFOOT” Wallace, but you can do it totally remote or in person. Master Hudson isn’t just sending out content for you to review with no direction, he’s doing classes via zoom and watching, first hand, your progress.

If you’re messing up! He is watching-because he wants you to improve your quality of life through martial arts. No matter if you live in the area near one of our dojos or if you live in Tim-buck-too.  As long as you have a good internet signal, you can log on at class time and get guidance from a 40 plus year martial arts veteran.  A guy who’s been running martial arts schools professionally since 1992.

Kevin “Hurricane” Hudson
  • 2 time World Champion
  • 7th Degree Black Belt
  • American Council on Exercise certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • Also a Husband, Father, Author and Motivational Speaker
Kevin Ballenger
  • 4th Degree Black Belt